Monday, November 1, 2010

Star Student of the Week

Addie came home from school today wearing a blue ribbon... she was so excited to tell me that she was selected as Star Student of the week at her school. She got a certificate, pencil and got to eat lunch with the Principal. We can't be more PROUD!!

Halloween 2010

Amelia (our 3rd Musketeer) was sick this year.... poor thing
The 2 Musketeers

Ayla and Addie with friends, Colby and Jacob

Getting some candy

Girl Scouts "Thank a Veteran" Project

Brownie Troop #9637 (and a few Boy Scouts)

handing out the Thank You cards

Addie busy at home making the cards

Addie's Brownie Girl Scout Troop adopted the idea to write Thank You notes for the Veterans and hand them out at the Veteran's Fair on Oct. 30th. Addie helped make 60 cards at home.

Trunk-Or-Treat 2010

Our decorated Trunk

The 3 Musketeers

Our Church had it's annual Trunk-or-Treat the Sunday before Halloween. The girls got lots of Candy that night... can't wait to see how much they get on Halloween night!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Amelia the Pre-Schooler

Amelia (our baby) started preschool this week on Wednesday, September 1st. She was such a BIG girl and had a great time! She loves her teachers and she even made some artwork on the first day. We are SO proud of her, but we also wish that she would not grow up SO fast!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Addie holding up 2 fingers for 2ND GRADE!!!

Ayla is ready for PRE-K

Ayla with her class and her teacher, Mrs. Elizondo

Addie at her desk

Addie's class with their teacher, Mrs. King

The girls started school on Monday, August 23. Addie is now in the 2nd grade and Ayla will be going half a day to PRE-K. They both love their teachers and new friends. Should be an exciting year!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ayla's Birthday Party

The girls helped me make another Hello Kitty cake

The birthday girl with her crown

Ayla and Kaitlyn on the HUGE rocking horse

Spencer playing air hockey

Chuck presenting Ayla with her birthday crown (Addie had to drag her up there)

Ayla blowing out her candle

getting the "star medalian"

Eating pizza and cake

Ayla would not go in the Ticket blaster... so Addie and Scott did...

Addie had a blast... and they got 800 tickets

We had a small party for Ayla at Chuck E Cheese's on Friday, July 16th. Ayla was a bit scared of Chuck, but other than that all of the kids had a great time!